The simplest way to integrate Taxamo into your site is through our customizable checkout form. The checkout form provides the integration to Taxamo and to several PSP’s - such as Stripe and Paypal. It handles tax calculation, B2B validation, location evidence conflicts, subscriptions and one-off purchases, region blocking, pricing inclusive or exclusive of tax, multi-language support, plus the subtle validation logic differences across various countries. Also the look and feel is highly customizable through our dashboard settings as well as HTML/CSS customizations. The Taxamo checkout form also has a fully responsive design for mobile applications.

The checkout form can be launched in three different modes depending on which one best suits your needs.


The overlay mode pops up a modal window surrounded with a lightbox effect so that the page below remains partially visible. The overlay effect does not take the customer to a different URL but rather shows the checkout form over the website page.


In the full-page mode the user is redirected to a page that contains the checkout form which fills the entire browser window. This mode is effective for any browser but the responsive design makes this the best option for smaller browser windows, such as mobile phone or tablet.


When you want to provide your customer the ability to enter their details and complete payment without having to leave the current page, our embedded mode is ideal.